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Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Mrs J's Nessie Encounter

In October 2011 Mrs J and I hired a boat and took a trip along the Caledonian Canal in Scotland. During our trip we spent a day moored up in Fort Augustus prior to crossing Loch Ness. Fort Augustus lies at the South West end of Loch Ness and is home to a former Abbey (a Benedictine Monastery) that sits on the Loch’s edge.

While walking along the Loch’s edge in the shadow of the former Abbey Mrs J was alert enough to spot Nessie lurking in the trees. It seems that some artistic person had taken the time to "decorate" a natural kink in a tree to make it resemble the famous serpentine resident of Loch Ness (Nessie). Slightly hidden in plain sight, this simulacra of Nessie is no-doubt passed by many tourists each year, but I suspect very few actually notice it.

This picture of Nessie has previously featured in Andrew May’s Forteana Blog, and on the Loch Ness Mystery Blog.

Pictures, Fort Augustus (October 2011).

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