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Sunday, 12 May 2013

The Great Dangaroo Flood

I happened across a bizarre plaque (see below photo) in Old Compton Street in London while wandering Soho on the trail of the Seven Noses of Soho and Lost Little Compton Street. Reading the plaque it made no sense to me whatsoever, and I had to have a good read of the referenced website before I could understand what it was all about. 

So what was the Great Dangaroo Flood? Well it seems that the flood occurred at the location of Old Compton Street, but in the parallel universe of Kcymaerxthaere. The Great Dangaroo Flood plaque is part of an otherworldly art project, which is the brain child of a man called Eames Demetrios. The project seems to be focused on disseminating Demetrios' alternative mythology of the planet based on the parallel universe of Kcymaerxthaere via the medium of plaques (refered to as markers) that give a snippet of the alternative history of a location.

There are markers outlining the history of Kcymaerxthaere all over the world, including in Europe, North America, the United Arab Emirates, Australia, Singapore, Africa, and Indonesia (to name a few). In America for example there is an alternative Kcymaerxthaere history of the ghost town of Rhyolite.

In the UK there seem to be markers in: Angel Alley (Whitechapel), London; De Laune Street, London; Old Compton Street, London; Wheathampstead, Hertfordshire; Wardington, Oxfordshire; and in the Edinburgh College of Art Car Park, Edinburgh.

So keep your eyes open when you are on your travels, as you may come across a marker that gives you a little part of the weird history of Kcymaerxthaere.

The Old Compton Street plaque.

Pictures, London (May 2012).

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