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Sunday, 7 July 2013

Finding Sweethaven

If you have ever wondered where Popeye’s home of Sweethaven is located, then you need look no further than the Mediterranean Island of Malta. Sweethaven (or Popeye Village as it is known) is located on the north western coast of Malta in Anchor Bay. The village was originally built as the set for the 1980 Robin William’s film "Popeye", and the village now continues life as a tourist attraction. The village of Sweethaven consists of about 20 wooden buildings and presents a very striking sight when seen from a distance. Up close however, the appearance is somewhat different with most of the buildings being very rundown and in a poor state of repair, giving the village a much more sinister air.

Popeye as a character began life in a comic book way back in 1929 and, like any good comic book character, some of his adventures over the years have included Fortean themes. One of Popeye's cryptid encounters that caught my attention was his encounter with the "Desert Yeti". The Desert Yeti is a hairy orange beast with an appearance that is vaguely reminiscent of the "Honey Monster" of Sugar Puff cereal fame. The concept of a Desert Yeti is not one that I had come across before, and perhaps Popeye is the first person to have reported an encounter with such a beast?

Pictures, Malta (2010).

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