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Sunday, 8 September 2013

Some Random Rocks

Here are a couple of interesting rock simulacra that I have encountered. The first is a pebble that I found in my garden back in May 2012. The pebble immediately stood out to me as it was a good likeness of a classic “Gray” extra-terrestrial, with the typical large eyes and small mouth and nose. As good a simulacrum as it seemed to me, it was unfortunately deemed “not striking enough” for Fortean Times' “Simulacra Corner”, but has featured on Andrew May's Forteana Blog.

The second rock is described as a “Cocke (or Cock) Rock” and it is plain to see why it is so named. This particular rock was photographed in the Boscastle Museum of Witchcraft this year. As the caption accompanying the rock says “This phallic shaped flint has been used as a fertility aid in the donor's family for several generations. As late as the 1920s women wishing to conceive would place the stone under their pillow on the night of the full moon. They would be “with child” within nine months.” Whether the Cocke Rock actually worked it is hard to say, but given the rock's shape, it certainly would not have been easy to sleep with it under your pillow.

Pictures, Wiltshire (May 2012) and Cornwall (August 2013).

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