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Sunday, 14 June 2015

The Home of the Daleks in Dorset

The unusual looking ruins and caves in the below pictures are all that remains of the old quarry site at Winspit, which nestles on the cliff side near Worth Matravers in Dorset. Winspit quarry was one of the numerous quarries on this section of coastline, which once provided highly prized stone for prestigious building projects in London. Winspit quarry was in use until around 1940, when the site was used as part of the south coast's naval and air defences during World War II. Today the quarry and the cliff side is open for curious people to explore and climb.

If Winspit quarry looks familiar to you it may be that you have seen it before in an episode of Dr Who.

The quarry was used in the Dr Who adventure The Underwater Menace in 1967, which saw the second Dr Who (Patrick Troughton) visit a deserted volcanic island and encounter a band of survivors from Atlantis who had a plan to raise the island from its watery grave.

The fourth Dr Who (Tom Baker) also visited Winspit quarry in 1979 in The Destiny of the Daleks. In this episode Winspit quarry portrayed the planet D-5-Gamma-Z-Alpha (also known as Skaro), which is the home world of Dr Who's arch enemy, the Daleks. The quarry's ruined buildings provided a suitable representation of what an abandoned Dalek city may look like and these three stills (one, two, three) show Tom Baker in action at Winspit quarry.

So if you ever wanted to visit the Dalek home world, just head to the Dorset Coast, it is a lot easier than trying to travel through space and time!
First look at Winspit quarry. 

The ruins of the quarry buildings.

The quarry.

Exploring the inside.

Pictures: Dorset (May 2015).

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