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Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Roche Rock

The below pictures were taken in the Cornish village of Roche, and show “Roche Rock“. Roche Rock, is an isolated stone outcrop onto which a small chapel (dedicated to St Micheal) was built in the 15th Century. Roche Rock exudes a spooky and mysterious air. The surrounding countryside is flat and green, and Roche Rock stands isolated within this landscape, giving the impression that it does not really belong. This unnatural apperance is probably why the rock is linked to a number of local legends. It is most notably linked to the 12th century lovers Tristan and Iseult (who sought refuge at the rock from Iseult’s angry husband), and the unscrupulous 17th centruy magistrate Jan Tregeagle (who’s soul sought refuge at the rock from pursuing otherworldly terrors).

Roche Rock has also featured on Andrew May’s Forteana Blog.

Pictures, Cornwall (September 2006).

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