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Wednesday, 25 July 2012

The Weymouth Cannon Ball

In Weymouth on Maiden Street, there is a building which today is a public convenience. When looking at this building, if you happen to glance upwards, you may notice what appears to be a cannon ball lodged in the wall of the building.

During the English Civil war in the 1640’s, there was a plot by royalist sympathisers loyal to King Charles I, known as the Crabchurch Conspiracy. The ultimate aim of the plot was to secure a port to allow the King to land a force of French soldiers to bolster his chances of winning the war. This attempt to secure a port (Weymouth) led to some extensive fighting in the town, with a force of circa 1000 Roundheads pitched against a force of circa 6000 Royalists. It is commonly believed that the cannon ball found its way into the wall during this battle.

Pictures, Weymouth (June 2012).


  1. There is also a ghost story worthy of M.R. James associated with this house - http://www.darkdorset.co.uk/the_ghost_of_the_corner_house

  2. Andrew, thanks for pointing that out, I had not seen that before.

  3. Hey Paul:


    Nick Redfern

  4. Thanks for this, we saw this for real recently!

  5. My pleasure. I lived in Weymouth for years before I spotted this oddity!