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Friday, 12 October 2018

Introducing "Random Encounters on the London Tourist Trail"

Three years ago this month Andrew May and myself penned a Fortean Traveller article for Fortean Times titled Oddities of the Jurassic Coast. The article explored some of the lesser known unusual sights that could be found along the southern Wessex coastline, and it was a shameless plug for our new book at that time Weird Wessex: A Tourist Guide to 100 Strange and Unusual Sights.

The Fortean Traveller article.

Following on from the success of Weird Wessex we have now turned out sights to the nation's capital and are pleased to announce the release of Random Encounters on the London Tourist Trail. Random Encounters takes the tourist off the beaten path from London's iconic landmarks to explore some of the assortment of quirky and unusual sights that are lurking just a short walk away from the regular tourist trail. So if you think you know London, think again! As the book's back-cover blurb explains:

There’s an Egyptian Goddess in Mayfair and Karl Marx in Soho, a tiny police station in Trafalgar Square and an 18-inch-wide alley in Covent Garden (careful you don’t get stuck!). Alongside the iconic landmarks that the regular guidebooks tell you about, central London has an impressive assortment of quirky and unusual sights, from art installations in the form of human body parts to hundred-year-old advertising signs and a forgotten tube station. This book gives you a guided tour of all these sights and more – without straying far from the places you were going to see anyway, like Big Ben and Buckingham Palace, the Tower of London and St Paul’s Cathedral, the museums of South Kensington and the entertainment hotspots of the West End.

Random Encounters on the London Tourist Trail.

So if you are looking for a tourist guide to London's unusual sights that is packed with full-colour photographs, look no further than Random Encounters on the London Tourist TrailRandom Encounters is available from Amazon UK or any other Amazon store and is also available on Kindle version.

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